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Timbales (history and teaching method)


Timbales are a type of one-sided membranophone from the country of Cuba in South America that consist of two metal drums next to each other. That consist of two metal drums next to each other. And are played with hands and sticks. The word timbal is the singular of timbales, It comes from the root word tambal. That has entered Cuba from Spain. This word was atabal, That has a Moroccan root and it also ultimately reaches its original root which is the Arabic word (tabl). In total, today timbales are one of the main elements of Latin music. That are played with instruments such as cubal and block.

Masters of timbales

Some of the masters of this instrument are Tito Puente and Changuito.

Teaching method of timbales

Generally, the timbales learning course has a hierarchy. That you have to start with sticking exercises from one drum head after learning the basic movements and recognizing the parts of the instrument. And after mastering the techniques, the training course continues with two drums. In relation to the educational content, the books (master study of snare drum) and (a masters approach to timbales by changuito) and also the authored booklet by Roozbeh Zarei are used. That the topics and headings are as follows:

The introductory course

Music theory lessons, deciphering, warm-up exercises, accent playing, paradiddle and rudiment exercises, types of single and double rolls and drag and flam (ornamental notes), familiarity with rhythms: African, afro-Cuban, afro-Brazilian and playing in pop, modern, Latin styles. Latin-jazz, hip-hop , fusion and … . Teaching the arrangement and setup of the instrument along with the correct grip, understanding the concept of Latin claves and using the tools and small percussions related to each style.

Advance course:

In the advance course, the use of polyrhythmic sentences in simple, compound and long levels is taught. Also, how to arrange solo, play with other instruments such as bongo, conga, drums and … .Advanced techniques and familiarity with multi-percussion and hybrid-drum setups are among the topics of this course.

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