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Released of Roozbeh Zarei

Some of the Released of Roozbeh Zarei include collaboration with famous singers such as: Salar Aghili, Alireza Eftekhari, Hesamoddin Seraj, Master Iraj, Mohammad Motamedi, Vahid Taj, Master Nader Golchin, Fazl Jamshidi, Rasoul Najafian, Hojat Ashrafzadeh, Roozbeh Nematollahi, Hejir Mehr Afrooz, Bidad and … . He also has performance experiences with music groups such as: Raz o Niaz, Sarvoshan, Barf, Koban Grand Orchestra, Nava-ye Hatif, Maknoon, Shahou, Harekate No, Soroush Molana and non-Iranian groups and artists. He has also participated in recording various music albums and is currently recording his own album project, the first piece of which is called The First Autumn Rain and is available to the public.

The instrumental piece The First Autumn Rain

It is the first work from the second season of the Rhizome project. Musicians: Rozbe Zari – Kakhen. Aydin Turkian fiddle and Alireza Jafari bass guitar. Mix and Master by Fardin Lahoorpour

Some other released