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The final word Album

The final word album by Salar Aghili

Seven orchestral compositions with mature and influential arrangements have turned the final word into one of the best albums of Salar Aghili. The album begins with a beautiful patriotic composition and this piece is such that one can enjoy the depth of emotion of the singer, composer and lyricist. The pieces have been beautifully and skillfully made and performed and some of the best musicians in the country have participated in it.


  • The final word
  • lantern
  • Dream image
  • Kooch’s introduction
  • Kooch
  • Kamancheh solo
  • Chaotic night
  • Gone wave


Iranian classic

Composer / arranger:

Alireza Mariya


Ehsan Afshari

Sound engineer:

Hami Haghighi

Musicians :

Alireza Daryaei, Naser Rahimi, Hesam Sadafinejad, Hooman Namdari, Farshad Mohammadi, Mahdis Golzar Kashani, Ali Jafari Pouyan, Monika Laran, Ehsan Shami, Sohrab Barahmandi, Atena Eshtiaqi, Pourang Pourshirazi, Ramin Safaei, Behzad Ravaghi, Goharnaz Masa’eli, Roozbeh Zarei

Picture of Roozbeh


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