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Roozbeh Zarei

Birth and childhood

Roozbeh Zarei was born in Tehran in the autumn of 1987. When his artistic talent in painting became evident, he devoted himself to serious learning of painting, calligraphy and music from his childhood.

Learning music

Zarei started learning music by learning daf and tombak and after mastering the instruments and rhythms of Iran, he learned percussion instruments from other parts of the world such as Latin, African, Indian and Middle Eastern percussion. He learned from masters such as: Bijan Kamkar (daf), Mohammad Esmaeili and Navid Afghah (tombak), Dr. Keyvan Pahlavan (dayereh), Vahid Asadollahi (Azeri nagareh and dayereh), Ali Asghar Sadeq Manesh and Hamdi Akatay (darbuka), Mehmet Akatay (riq), Kadir Goksu (bendir and riq), Benjamin Olguncan (darbuka), Zohar Fresco (frame drum), Glen Velez (frame drum) Masoud Hamidi (tabla), Alireza Tabatabaei (drums), Davood Shorooei, Stefan Maass and Michael Miranda (Latin percussion), Hakim Ludin (kanjira, frame drum and konnakol) and others.

In addition to learning many percussion instruments by himself, he also started playing tar and setar to improve his musical knowledge. He has also completed courses in theory, instrumentology and solfeggio.

Teaching music and artistic degrees

Roozbeh Zarei started teaching music officially in 2003 and has an artistic degree and a teaching certificate from the Office of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He is also one of the registered artists in the House of Music of Iran and has collaborated with many domestic and foreign television networks.

The style and attitude of Roozbeh Zarei

He has a unique style, attitude and technique in playing percussion instruments and is one of the few people in Iran who can play in most musical styles, such as: Latin, jazz, pop, modern, traditional and fusion. And he has been especially active in the field of drum forms from other parts of the world. And in this regard, he has formed the percussion group Hiyahoo from his students. He is one of the founders of the Rhythm Academy in Tehran and is engaged in activities such as holding research concerts, organizing specialized music courses and holding workshops and masterclasses. He has also developed a new teaching method for children and adults. And he has years of experience working professionally with children’s groups.

Performance experiences

Some of Roozbeh Zarei’s musical performance experiences include collaborating with famous singers such as: Salar Aghili, Alireza Eftekhari, Hesamoddin Seraj, Master Iraj, Mohammad Motamedi, Vahid Taj, Master Nader Golchin, Fazel Jamshidi, Rasoul Najafian, Hojat Ashrafzadeh, Roozbeh Nematollahi, Hejir Mehr Afrooz, Bidad And … .and musical groups such as: Raz o Niaz, Sarvoshan, Barf, Kouban Grand Orchestra, Nava-ye Hatif, Maknoon, Shahou, Harakat-e No, Soroush Molana and non-Iranian groups and artists and … . He has also participated in recording various music albums and is currently recording his own album project. The first piece of this collection is called The first autumn rain is available to the public.

Artistic activities in Turkey

Roozbeh Zarei started his educational and artistic activities in Turkey in 2020. And among the most important of them are collaborating with Ibrahim Tatlises, a famous Turkish singer, and artists such as Pinar Aydinlar, Yaprak Sayar, Omer Kurtulus and … He has had a lot of collaboration in recording albums in Turkey and Arab countries and has participated in TV programs of Turkish networks several times.

Roozbeh Zarei’s education

He has a master’s degree in architecture. And the topic of his thesis was the relationship between architecture and music, which was done under the supervision of Professor Simon Ayvazian and achieved a full score. He has also done many executive and educational activities in the field of architecture and is one of the researchers and writers of interdisciplinary scientific-research articles in the fields of: Rhythmology, the relationship between arts and the philosophy of art, most of which have been published in reputable journals inside and outside the country.

Roozbeh Zarei’s honors

Zarei was honored to receive an honorary doctorate in music in the field of percussion instruments from the Iranian Foundation for Science and Technology in 2017. He is also a senior member of the Young Researchers Association and in addition to receiving various awards from music and architecture festivals, he was honored as the artistic scholar of the year by the Tehran Municipality in 2013. He was selected as an international artist of the Schlagwerk company in Germany in 2016 and this collaboration continues.

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