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Roozbeh Zarei Percussion Studio


Greetings to all rhythm lovers. We have tried to provide you with most of the information and knowledge required to learn percussion instruments on this website. If you are like me and have a lot of interest in the colorful world of percussion instruments, this website is a window for our communication and sharing new content. I am very happy that you are with us in the path of discovering and experiencing the endless world of music.

Biography of Roozbeh Zarei

Roozbeh Zarei was born in Tehran in the autumn of 1987. When his artistic talent in painting became evident, he devoted himself to serious learning of painting, calligraphy and music from his childhood.

Learning percussion instruments

Roozbeh Zarei started his music education by learning Daf and Tombak and after mastering the Iranian instruments and rhythms, he proceeded to learn percussion instruments from other parts of the world such as Latin, African, Indian and Middle Eastern percussion. He learned from masters such as: Bijan Kamkar (daf). Mohammad Esmaeili and Navid Afghah (tombak). Dr. Keyvan Pahlavan (dayereh). Vahid Asadollahi (Azeri nagara and dayereh). Ali Asghar Sadeq Monsh and Hamdi Akatay (darbuka). Kadir Goksu (riq). Glen Velez (frame drum) Masoud Hamidi (tabla). Alireza Tabatabaei (drums). Davood Shorooei, Stefan Maass and Michael Miranda (Latin percussion). Hakim Ludin (kanjira, frame drum and konnakol) and…

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THE MOMENT OF ENCOUNTER THE MOMENT OF ENCOUNTER The work of Roozbeh Zarei This piece is written by Roozbeh Zarei for solo handpan performance in D minor scale

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Lonely House Album The album Lonely House by Salar Aghili. The album Lonely House is a work by Salar Aghili. This collection includes seven delightful tracks. Tracks:

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One year in Istanbul A musical piece called One Year in Istanbul This piece is the result of a year of living in Istanbul and interacting with Turkish

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