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One year in Istanbul

A musical piece called One Year in Istanbul

This piece is the result of a year of living in Istanbul and interacting with Turkish artists and wandering in the streets full of music in this bustling city. The rhythmic hierarchy of this piece is a metaphor for the calm and exciting moments of everyday life of Istanbul people. At the beginning of the piece, we experience a spiritual and calm space with a voice in Hijaz mode that was recorded in the Sultan Suleiman Mosque and gradually the rhythm begins and along with it movement is evoked by the sound of bendir and riq instruments. Then, with the completion of the rhythm, we reach the lively and moving space of the traditional market of Istanbul and watch the hustle and bustle of the people. At the end of the piece, there is a dialogue between darbuka and riq, which are two key and important percussion instruments in Turkish music.

Design and Implementation :

Roozbeh Zarei

Director :

Alireza Safarnejad

Voice Recording :

Mustafa Talebian

Turkish cameraman:

Milad Mohebi

Dress Designer :

Pedram Farsi


Farhad Varshoui

With the support of the Istanbul Municipality, Amin Percussion Turkey Company, Schlagwerk Germany Company

Picture of Roozbeh


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