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Roozbeh Zarei’s courses

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Online courses

Roozbeh Zarei’s courses (online) are held via video call and direct communication anywhere in the world. To book and coordinate the course time and for more information, please send your name and specialty instrument through the form below.

Offline courses

Roozbeh Zarei’s courses (offline) do not have a specific time and are only done by sending videos and instructional notes and indirect communication. To register and receive more information, please send your name and specialty instrument through the form below.

In-person courses

To coordinate and book Roozbeh Zarei’s courses (in-person) in Iran and Turkey, please send your name, specialty instrument and city of residence through the form below to be placed in the course queue.

Teaching music and artistic degrees

The courses of Roozbeh Zarei officially started in 2003. He has an artistic degree and a teaching certificate from the Office of Artistic Activities Development of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. And he is also one of the registered artists in the House of Music of Iran. And he has had many collaborations with domestic and foreign television networks.

The style and attitude of Roozbeh Zarei

Roozbeh Zarei’s courses are based on his unique style, attitude and technique in playing percussion instruments and he is one of the few people who in Iran, can play in most musical styles such as: Latin, jazz, pop, modern, traditional and fusion styles and has been especially active in the field of drum forms from other parts of the world, are held. And in this regard, the percussion group has formed a group named Hayahoo from its students. Zarai is one of the founders of the Rhythm Academy in Tehran and is engaged in activities such as holding research concerts, organizing specialized music courses, and conducting workshops and masterclasses. Translate: He has also developed a new teaching method for children and adults and has years of professional experience working with children’s groups.

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