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Handpan (history and teaching method)

The handpan or hang drum or pentam is a self-sounding percussion instrument (idiophone) that was first made in 2000 AD by Felix Rohner and Sabina

Conga (history and teaching method)

Conga is a type of barrel-shaped single-headed membranophone. that consists of two or more wooden drums next to each other … This instrument, which is

Kuzeh (history and teaching method)

History : A kuzeh is a self-sounding instrument that is usually made of pottery and is played by directly striking the fingers of the hand.

Djembe (history and teaching method)

History: Djembe, which is also called Jimbe, is a goblet-shaped drum and is considered the root of all percussion instruments. An attractive African instrument. This

Darbuka (history and teaching method)

History: Darbuka is an instrument from the category of skin-sound percussion and goblet-shaped that its body is made in two types of metal and ceramic.

Daf (history and teaching method)

History: Daf is one of the most famous and oldest Iranian percussion instruments that belongs to the large family of single-sided skin-sounds. This instrument, which