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Daf drum tutorial (Beginner)


Daf drum tutorial (Beginner) includes 29 sessions and can be downloaded as three zipped files after purchasing the product. After downloading, decompress the files so that they can be viewed as videos.



Daf drum tutorial (Beginner)

Introductory of daf drum tutorial (Beginner)

In the Daf drum tutorial (Beginner) package, you will get to know the basics of music, note reading, rhythms and important techniques of the def instrument. And also, for a better understanding of the use of rhythms, examples of playing together with different instruments and pieces of Iranian music are given at the end of some sections of def education. Also, examples of def solos are played at the end of each introductory daf training section. So, by practicing them, you can get the necessary skills to play the daf instrument. Because these exercises are very simple and smooth and give you the necessary help.

So start playing this pleasant instrument today along with Roozbeh Zarie. Welcome to the world of percussion instruments.

A brief introduction to Rozbeh Zarei

Rozbeh Zarie is a musician, researcher and teacher of percussion instruments and has more than ten years of experience in teaching percussion instruments. And among his music performance experiences, we can collaborate with famous singers such as: Salar Aghili, Alireza Eftekhari, Hesamoddin Seraj, Master Iraj, Mohammad Motamedi, Vahid Taj, Master Nader Golchin, Fazel Jamshidi, Rasoul Najafian, Hojat Ashrafzadeh, Roozbeh Nematollahi, Hejir Mehr Afrooz, Bidad And … .


1: Preface and Instrumentation
2: Learning to hold the instrument and the main beats
3: Nuncupative rhythm reading
4: Teaching triple meter and Sami pattern
5: Teaching the traditional groove of Hayallah
6: Teaching the Haddadi traditional groove
7 : Teaching the Daaem traditional groove
8 : Teaching the traditional groove of Molai
9 : Teaching the role model of Maddahi
10 : Learning to use rings
11: Training of lying ring technique
12: Getting to know sixteens
13: Teaching simple double meter
14: Rakhshi pattern training
15: Sixteens Divisions
16: Teaching the Falahi model
17: Teaching the extension point and Hel Garten pattern
18: Teaching the traditional groove of la ilaha ilalah
19 : The training of the traditional grooveof the second mention
20: The second mode is the pattern of Hayallah and the Arabic pattern of Baladi
21: Familiarity with combined rates
22: Saqzi pattern training
23: Teaching 6/8 dotted rhythm
24: The application of sixteens in combined amounts
25 : Getting to know the aspect ratio of 8/12
26: Getting to know the aspect ratio of 8/9
27: A solution to increase hand speed
28 : Music theory
29 : Final word


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